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About this Site

Recycle Malta is a voluntary, prewaste recycling/upcycling initiative that started in May 2012.   

All items on this website are free of charge - no buying or selling.  Membership and listing is also free of charge.  

This is the place where you can give your unwanted items away to be reused and passed on to people who may need them, via the Available section in the Listings Tab. You can also request any items you may need via the Wanted section in the Listings Tab. Please be honest in the description of your items and please verify that the items are free of charge.  The admin of this site is unable to verify the authenticity of any items posted here.    

Kindly do not give out mobile numbers in your listings, simply post your wanted or available listing and use the Contact User option to contact other users.  

To contact users you need to first create a user account via the Users Tab, then click Register.  You will receive a verification link sent to your email, which you will need to click before you can return to the site and log in.   

To contact admin or report abuse, please click the Contact Tab or the Report Tab with every listing.  

Each listing expires after 200 days.  If your item is taken before then, please remove your listing from the site.  Listings can be edited or deleted at any time by yourselves. Please include photographs (5 photos per listing) to help move your items fast. 

Thank you for using Recycle Malta, enjoy using our site!